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Britney Spears: Stages

The Shockingly Melancholy Britney Spears Documentary You’ve Never Heard Of

“It certainly is prescient. It’s sort of like a harbinger of what was to come.”

Isi 46

Camp du: “I am one of the last survivors”

“In a few minutes, Isi spoke of his life, that of a Jewish child who fled the Nazis from Belgium to Haute-Garonne, then to Ariège. ‘Two days after the children left, a man came to pick me up. My mother saved my life. I didn’t really know where she was going…’ Convoy 33, for Auschwitz.”

Mr. Canoe

Being Roger Ebert for a day: “Mr. Canoe” documentary at Chicago Maritime Museum

“Forni set up a documentary in which Frese in the frame. The bulk of the documentary is clips and stories from re-enactments of the two major expeditions around the Great Lakes 300 years ago, the LaSalle and Joliet/Marquette expeditions.”  

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